Friday, 20 October 2017

Science Experiment

On Monday the 16th of October 2017, Room 8 and Room 7 joined together and we made a science experiment. Miss Morrison asked everyone if we could get into a circle and Miss Morrison sat down with us on the mat, She had a bowl, food colouring, detergent and some cotton buds down on the mat ready for what she is going to do. Miss Morrison put the Mike in the bowl first then she put two drops of the food colouring and the colours is picked were blue and red after she put the food colouring in the bowl she got one of the cotton buds and she dipped it in some of the detergent, Afterwards she put the cotton bug with the detergent in the bowl when she put it in the bowl the colours were expanding and it looked like a galaxy. We were all sent off to do the experiment, everyone got into groups and Miss Ashley came around with the milk and Miss Morrison came around with the food colouring and the detergent. The group I was in there were four people and it was me ,Alyssa, Hope.T and Hope.L when our group had all the things in it we put the cotton bug in the bowl and it turned into a Galaxy it was so beautiful after everyone had their turn playing with it we all had to tip it in the sink. Later on we all sat on the mat and then room 7 went back to their class.      

Zone of Regulation

Today we were learning about our Emotions and 
how can we control them.

Friday, 15 September 2017


On Thursday 14th September 2017 Tamaki Primary School went on a trip to the Auckland Zoo. At the Zoo there were lots of animals and the people that work at the Zoo were also very good people. My favourite animal at the Zoo was a elephant and the elephants name was Burma and she was 34 and she is very intelligent because one of the people who works at the Zoo had a painting of Burma's, Burma knows how to pick up a paint brush and dip it in some paint and paint on the paper without anyones help.